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  5. During this entire episode I have proven that I am telling the truth many times, some proof has even been the actual words of the liars involved! I have proved conclusively, IN THEIR OWN WORDS that aldavor and Witch, two alliance admins have lied to members, so it would make sense to think that they would lie again to Ranters! What more proof can I offer apart from a signed statement by the other parties? The admins have provided lots of lies, Diverting things and twisting of the truth and eventually falsified messages, in an attempt to 'prove' their point which seems to consist solely of character assassination, but they have given very little, if any proof of their statements! This has become more apparent as things progressed! You have seen how they twist and turn but do not answer direct questions like the ones about 'Lotta'. Why is this? Surely the members on here and the alliance have a right to know why an eater admin is a mod on the alliance? I am very sure that due to the many alliance members who have had the opportunity to have their say, that if they had any real proof of any bad things that I had done they would have produced it by now! with great glee! The fact that by now they have not done so can only mean that they do not have any! All I have seen is the same old eater tactic of character assassination, so that the truth will not be believed, as this is their only defense against the truth! I was at first treated with suspicion by many members as you have seen by the posts. One person who treated me with suspicion was 'Manchy' and he asked me many questions that I answered truthfully! I do not know what other checks he carried out, but he did ask some searching questions and I presume based his opinions on the answers and things he found out! As far as I can see he is not a person to be easily misled and I believe he does check on things before he ventures an opinion! I am sure that he would not say things until he had checked them out throughly first!
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