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      Attendance as of July 2017 please comply   06/30/2017

      as of now we have to identify how many of us is active and who is not a visitor i make this attendance for us to be recognized by our admin if you want to be helped please fill this Name : Address: location: occupation shop name:
    • Sir-Lester25

      To all new members   07/29/2017

      Hello guys As of now they are rebuilding this forum.... there is another way to have easy posting just download this file GSMRELOADED apps this apps will be the easiest way to find or make post ......    
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    my boss told me about gsmreloaded
  1. sa mga naghahanap ng pac file pang rd tool ito na: [Hidden Content] password: dudzjay247
  2. Good Day! Share ko lang mga boss firmware backup "Cloudfone Ice Plus 2" ko at tested ko na rin toh sa flashing. Firmware Link: [Hidden Content] Rar Password: dudzjay247 More info via Screenshot: Random picture proofs 100% OK TESTED