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    • Sir-Lester25

      Attendance as of July 2017 please comply   06/30/2017

      as of now we have to identify how many of us is active and who is not a visitor i make this attendance for us to be recognized by our admin if you want to be helped please fill this Name : Address: location: occupation shop name:
    • Sir-Lester25

      To all new members   07/29/2017

      Hello guys As of now they are rebuilding this forum.... there is another way to have easy posting just download this file GSMRELOADED apps this apps will be the easiest way to find or make post ......    
    • Sir-Lester25


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  1. nice share..................
  2. Samsung s7262 no service solved

    nice share boss............ thanks....
  3. Daily attendance In One Page & Greetings Everyday

  4. nag hahanap baord samsung s5301 orig. mga bossing, good board secondhand lang boss