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  1. Anybody in this area would like to set a meet up while I'm here in the Philippines please reply!!
  2. Why do you want to join?

  3. Who is this guy?
  4. Oppo F1s / F1s plus Unlock Solution

    You need to post the password!
  5. Manila: Mall of Asia meet up Oct 26 2018

    Just to manila then to Bacolod city in negros occidental
  6. Manila: Mall of Asia meet up Oct 26 2018

    Want to organize it?
  7. Best phone out now?

    Time to upgrade man
  8. Anybody want to do a meet up in Manila mall of asia area? I will be there for 1 day to visit mall of asia before i make my way to bacolod city! Anybody live close by or want to organize a meet up? I dont know how you guys do meet ups so if someone can organize a meet up?
  9. i put some image to our forum so it will be nice to see 

    and will have some decorations 

  10. Best phone out now?

    I have the Galaxy s9+ The slow motion cam is awesome wish it could record more than 5 seconds at a time. Also the samoled screen is best!
  11. newbie from cebu

    WElcome.. please invite your friends!
  12. pawelcome

    Welcome george. Please invite your friends!
  13. Upgrading or rank

    Extra catagory ranks like a secondary rank is fine. Just the registered ranks (regular ranks) with the military pics.. I like.
  14. Congrats to our new moderator

    Whos that?