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How to Unlock Pattern Lock OPPO F7? Need Help

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Please help me out of this OPPO F7 Pattern lock problem, so far i got only one method and that is with the UMT Latest tool, and that tool is not available in free, i need free method to unlock pattern from OPPO F7 :(

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When I first joined Ranter I was a little concerned mainly as I did not fully understand the methods and style of things on here!
I must be honest and say that the language etc had me concerned! This is my problem though and I have adjusted to it.
One of the things that took me totally by surprise was the compassion and caring that was extended to me as a noob.
Apart from the tongue in cheek slagging (A ranter norm ) I was given a fair hearing and was very appreciative of the advice that was given freely, warning me about taking on eater by myself!

This was totally unexpected and was a good indication that the members were genuine people who worked in a fair and reasonable manner!
probably as a lot of members had undergone 'the treatment' by the cretins on eater for themselves, still it was kind of them to openly give me this advice!
More recently I have also been surprised that the members have put up with my bad typing and also given me a fair hearing! Despite my having to post my point of view in sometimes an odd sort of way!

You must remember that I have been fighting the injustices of Twinkytown and the alliance, by myself for a long time and as I have been facing a large group of people, I have had to adopt some methods differently that those normally used ! otherwise I would have been wiped out by vastly larger numbers! again you have shown me a clear opportunity to state my case! thank you " AL "

Ok now you mob of losers can get back down the mine and back to work you slackers!

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