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GT S5360 v.2.3.6 unlock done sa z3x

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share kulang po mga amo

S5360 v.2.3.6 unlock sa done z3x di na po kailangan down grade manual root

lang po.


1.kailangan lang po update zip.

2.di na po kailangan extract update zip ilagay lang po sa labas ng sd card wag po sya ilagay sa ibang folder.........

3.off lang po yong unit.....

4.enter into recovery mode To do this hold the power volume up and the home button simultaneously.

5.Now can navigate through recovery mode only with the volume up and down buttons Select Update zip and the root will be applied on your Galaxy Y

6.Reboot your phone and it's rooted You can check for an application named Super User to check whether your phone is rooted or not

7.unlock lagay yong usb at don mo makikita sa unit Super User......

ito yong una di pa cya na maual root error

p><p><img src=[/img]

<a href=20012012189.jpg' alt='20012012189.jpg'>


ito po yong file update zip...pde rin po mag search sa Google.


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