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  1. Cherry mobile Apollo_no power... Done
  2. help po mga master bs mobile g111
  3. samsung china t19 file error restore factory default..DONE
  4. Cloned S4 I9500 MT6572 Restart Problem Done!!
  5. Simple tricks how to solve (not enough memory)ZH&K model: Z93 without box
  6. [help] cherry mobile sapphire no sim detected
  7. cherry mobile fusion bolt too many pattern done
  8. Cd-r king a1
  9. Cherry Mobile Sapphire Password Done!!
  10. pa help po mga master richtel
  11. help skk mobile K99 Grounded
  12. cherry mobile d11tv no power DONE...
  13. CM W20 help.
  14. my phone b18tv duo need good back up
  15. Help Cherry Mobile S100!!..
  16. SKK GLIMPSE User Lock Remove by Hard Reset
  17. My phone TS1 Duo Insert sim & Headset DONE
  18. How to Fix White Screen CLOUDFONE Exite 352g
  19. cnu my diagram ng cherry cruize...
  20. Arc Mobile Prime 350D mt6572 hang done...
  21. Skk W300 No power & Fully Shorted Done.
  22. Rooting Process Pasuk!!..
  23. Help po How to Revive CherryMobile Hyper!..
  24. Samsung Tv/Wifi mini 9500 Spd6531 Back-Up Pa Share Po.
  25. N111 CPU ID(RDA8851A) Searching always with sim done
  26. nokia 6300i auto charging need help..
  27. cherry mobile C2i dead sucsses flash by VOLCANO
  28. My Phone A848 Blue display and no power DONE
  29. Cherry Mobile C6 charging problem done!!
  30. Cherry mobile W300 logo only done with ResearchDownload withTutorial
  31. S4 Clone Imei problem Done..
  32. I9300 China can't Connect to the camera W/ John loyd DONE
  33. HELP GRIGHT s800 Mobile
  34. Myphone B16 TV DOU 4,7.9,*,#,right notworking done!!
  35. D11 white screen (spd cpu) REPLACE
  36. TW1 DUO (headset) always? general not avilable (done) by simple jumper
  37. STAR MOBILE READ CODES done kay avator
  38. need firmware 6575 chips
  39. Mini9300 China Hang & IMEI Null DONE.
  40. skk k99 keypad putol ang linya
  41. how to Enable 'USB debugging if phone ask pattern unlock
  42. saan po bilihan ng lcd ng myphone b73 duo
  43. Cherry d11 mimi shorted done
  44. w2 power switch lifted done!!!
  45. cherry W300
  46. FIREFLY MOBILE 777 touch need flash file
  47. Help cherry mobile w20
  48. C.M C5i Change Sim holder 100% Done!!
  49. cherry mobile flame hard reset?
  50. W19 Cherry mobile sim code problem done
  51. MYPHONE MYPAD2 Hang On Logo Done w/livesuits & fw inside
  52. All spd 6820/8810 dead using volcano/dragon/after formatting or accidentally dead
  53. Spreadtrum wipe tools
  54. Cherry Mobile C5i Charging But Not Power On Done!!
  55. help LG DG310
  56. Skk K10 shorted done!!...
  57. o+5.7 hang problem done
  58. Need Good Buck Up ng Ckk K888
  59. MyPhone B88 DOU White Screen Problem Done..
  60. help 9300 touch stock on logo
  61. mga boss ask lang how to hard reset I9300 SAMSUNG china
  62. Cherry Mobile C8 Not Powering sa Battery...
  63. lenovo a60+ hard reset done..
  64. Cherry nova hang in logo Done with complate procedure.
  65. C3000 MTK Hang & TScalibration Problem Done..
  66. Q5310+ No Light LCD..Done!!
  67. firefly mobile s60 hard reset done
  68. cloudfone 350
  69. cherry mobile q70
  70. my phone a919 duo fully shorted done
  71. china king box
  72. KingCom Tv Go6303 Auto Restart keypad not working..Done!!
  73. BS Mobile 9300i switch problem...done!!
  74. O+ 8.2 too many pattern...Done
  75. O+ 8.3 Mic Problem...Done
  76. Myphone B88 Dou Mic problem....Done!!
  77. Cloudfone 350e busted switch done...
  78. Cherry Mobile Spark Tv Ghost Reset Done..
  79. Help nokia n87 no signal china
  80. Samsung rokea-5830 china touchscreen problem[backup inside]
  81. help S...Mobile. S5130 china No service
  82. cherry mobile w20 CPU type:6260
  83. myphone tw1 duo earphone plugged in
  84. Myphone a848 Logo Hang Nadali Sa Finger..
  85. Myphone T18 Duo headset problem done..
  86. TELEGO x2 Keypad Problem DOne..
  87. Myphone D11 white screen done..
  88. Samsung-A99 China no light Done!!
  89. myphone QP29 Duo scroll not working
  90. starmobile. naka headset Done....
  91. plug in plug out
  92. need pin out 1280 china
  93. my phone A818i duo patern reset
  94. b88 duo LOW BATTERY TEMP....
  95. d11 big lcd outomatic charging done
  96. D11 mini lcd no lights heres the solution pasok
  97. SAMSUNG M3312 DUOS Message Locked. Successfully done!
  98. W5660 wifi hang logo done. by piranha
  99. Help po caviteno sino taga cavite area kaya e program ang skk ace model ko?
  100. samsung chinaphone no power, full shorted
  101. TORQUE D9 PHONELOCK CODE PROBLEM[phone reset done]
  102. Cherry mobile candy switch modified
  103. ask ko lang po? piranha USER?????
  104. Telego w84 china phone [phonelock problem]solve sa simpling moves
  105. Cherry mobile w7 stock on logo[done]
  106. help po dito mga boss..android
  108. Rda 6635 pa jumper.......
  109. Mtk android write imei without box..tricks
  110. nokia e6 china no power done by jumper
  111. My phone TW1 duo inbox loading only need HELP
  112. s9300 soloking auto off done....
  113. LT29i china phone hard reset! HOW?
  114. s6500 tv wifi china phone power switch problem done by jumper..
  115. help po cd-r king c9 spd6530 8mb...
  116. D11 ver.2 shorted no power
  117. Samsung c3303i auto restart water damage
  118. cherry d11 white screen cause of busted resistor done by jumper
  119. MyPhone A848i Duo LOGO [REFERENCE]
  120. 6300 china memory card not detected
  121. china phone:M999 no power done china-king box
  122. cherry w19 security code done
  123. Cherry Mobile W7 Full Shorted Done
  124. Pa help po cherymob.d14 key prob.3/6/9/#.
  125. cherry mobile z9 hangup problem..done via reheat mtk chip
  126. Cherry mobile d11TV password problem done
  127. Cherry mobile candy chat password problem done
  128. pahingi poh nang guide mga master:
  129. my phone a818 slim duo
  130. cd r king u1120 shorted help po
  131. Cherry t18 No Power Done Remove Capacitor Shorted.
  132. cherry mobile M33 no lcd light done via jumper.
  133. need Help My Phone Q88 duo
  134. MyPhone A919 Settings is not shown
  135. cherry mobile t18
  136. CM D11 Mini Keypad Problem Done.!!
  137. cherry mobile w100 need pa jumper
  138. myphone A919 Pattern Lock Done...
  139. soloking model s610
  140. Cherry T1i back-up needed.
  141. iphone 4s china imei problem,done.//
  142. Cherry mobile w2 hang in logo done
  143. More Q555 Mouthpiece Malfunctions Done Sa Jumper.
  144. iphone 4s china auto off done by china king..
  145. D11 another white screen done tested
  146. china king software
  147. s7500 china phone pleas help mga master
  148. s5130 china no power done
  149. myphone t18tv done by china king....
  150. qtv20 duo keypad problem done
  151. MY PHONE T28 DUO TV pa help po!!!
  152. MTK drivers
  153. K3770 samsung no power (done)
  154. Android HL&Rich Help po
  155. cherry mobile RAVE logo/whitescreen...done
  156. MYPHONE A848 Unlock pattern done!
  157. Patulong mga bossing s5130 china menu right key d mapindot
  158. cherry mobile T15 no sound done (repair speaker)
  159. C1-00 china invalid sim done...
  160. D11 white screen done sa jumper tested
  161. Qt7 duo
  162. MYphone A919 google acount problem done
  163. 2 cherrymobile w300 TMPA and T18 password problem...done
  164. my phone t28 tv hang
  165. My phone A818 TMPA DONE...:)
  166. battery low myphone Qtv20i DOU nid guide.
  167. ascent ti rm-267
  168. skk mobile a99 too many pattrn pls guide mga masre
  169. my phone A618 tv duo to many pattern done..//
  170. M16 No signal Done sa Hardware!!!
  171. samsung s6500 china warning memory card error done
  172. My phone t28 tv duo no power done .....
  173. My phone B88 duo (charging pero ayaw mag on) done!!!>>>
  174. skywings (no sound done)>>>
  175. star mobile t602i done by hardware...
  176. cherry mobile m16 no signal help!!!
  177. myphone a919 duo password need to reset.need help!
  178. myphone b88 duo phone lock done by dragon..
  179. urgent need good back up SKK F99 MODEL
  180. Telego w86 White Screen Water Damage DONE......
  181. d11 mini grounded dead problem...done
  182. D18 cherry mobile PA jumper needed pls...
  183. china s5570-tv
  184. Flash file for Q5 TV need Flash File (HELP)
  185. cherry mobile p8
  186. WiFi M002L (dual sim / iphone type) HELP !
  187. my phone tw26 3d duo
  188. Symphony ft37 power on solution
  189. samsung china S6010 input password..
  190. samsung S8660 SPD china need firmware....
  191. Cherry Mobile Cruize Too many pattern attempt done..
  192. Cd-r king k008 no signal done
  193. cherry mobile d20i no network
  194. cherry mobile no power
  195. Pda 6635 pa jumper done
  196. qtv20i duo keypad problem...done
  197. Am 7802 pa jumper done (pic inside)
  198. t23 wifi duo white screen problem
  199. my phone b88 duo no power solve
  200. iphone I999 need pin out
  201. myphone T23 wifi duo
  202. My Phone T23 Headset Problem Done
  203. China D500 Shorted and No Power (HELP)
  204. 1800 china keypad prob. done w/pinout
  205. Torque DQ71 No Power Done...
  206. China flash file
  207. D14 cherry mobile ( 369# no function done by sarsarcuadra)
  208. my/phone headset logo and no ring done
  209. d11 mini. privacy code.done
  210. D11 hang DONE
  211. SMTEL Q79+ China Phone Buhay Sa RPS Not Power At Batere
  212. samsung china W5660 pa jumper help
  213. 6300 china dual sim help
  214. d11 keypad and keypad lights problem... done
  215. another iphone 4s sim reg. failed!
  216. c520 china (CPU 6530A spreadtrum) need flashfile
  217. XTRON china phone DEAD ----> DONE.
  218. My Phone A618 TV Duo,low memory,...
  219. iphone 4s sim reg. failed done kay dragon!
  220. cloned i phone 4s sim registration failed on smart but ok sa globe done w/box finally
  221. myphone b12 no ringtone..help me plzzzz
  222. Cherry mobile c5i charging no responce
  223. My Phone A618 Memory full Done
  224. i need help iphone 4s white 64gb T6801 spd firmware..
  225. China Phone Big Buzzer Here's How To Work Again!!(M333,Q9&Q10)
  226. cherry m d11 no power done paki silip
  227. firefly u819 fully shorted done...
  228. My phone B88, k800 nokia china, Cherry Mobile W2 security code done via ChinaKing
  229. china nokia f15 allways headset solve
  230. the best BOX for CHINA PHONE.. and WHY?
  231. anu po ba ung ginagamit na box sa cherry mobile?
  232. D11 Mini Dead Done By Removing Parts!!
  233. My phone b88 duo no power
  234. [HELP] s6500i wifi tv 6530A_GD27LQ64 flashfile
  235. Hi po mga idol pa turo naman po kung pano ma full reset and cloned iphone 4s
  236. myphone b73 duo isert sim
  237. Mga idol pahinge ng sw ng skk t3oo 6530 chipset
  238. My Phone QTV20i Charging Ways.
  239. Q10 China Phone No Sounds Done In Jumper(SOLVED)
  240. ~need good back up file cherry mobile m18 mt 6252~~
  241. nokia f15 headset problem need help
  242. cherry d15 no power done by jump
  243. D11 Always Headset di nakuha sa jumper pero solve parin
  244. china phone...ano tested na box?
  245. please help.....
  246. CANDY ch@t done by hard reset
  247. qtv201 duo keypad malfunction
  248. China phone Iphone 4S games & apps needed
  249. d11 shorted. no power done
  250. C3000 auto power on and auto charging solved